Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Service agreement is as follows: Plumbing will perform two seasonal services on your heating and cooling system as well as service your water heater twice every year that you chose to sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Agreement. When it gets close to summer, we will take apart, inspect, run diagnostics, and completely clean your cooling system. Then we will drain and inspect your water heater. When winter is approaching, we will run diagnostics, disassemble, inspect and clean your heating system. Also drain and inspect your water heater again.

Water Heater

  1. Inspect all water lines and gas lines
  2. Inspect and test T&P valve
  3. Inspect Anode Rod Connection
  4. Inspect Water Stops
  5. Inspect Vent Piping

HVAC System

  1. Check Heating Mode
  2. Check Evaporator
  3. Check/Clean Condenser
  4. Check Pressures
  5. Check Temperatures
  6. Check operations of furnace & A/C

*Two* services will be performed within one year from acceptance date.


SAVE 10% OFF all products and services.
NO OVERTIME CHARGES – You will not pay overtime charges for night and weekend repairs.
EQUIPMENT LONGEVITY – Increases the life of your system as well as the return on your investment.
ENERGY SAVINGS – Independent studies prove you will recoup the PMA investment on utility savings.
IMPROVED COMFORT – You will be more comfortable with improved heating and cooling efficiency.
HEALTHIER, CLEANER AIR – Your system will be left in factory fresh condition and as clean as possible. Plumbing, Heating and Cooling serving Manhattan KS, Houston KS & Wamego KS

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